The Skinny Bowtie

Time for a Change…

So after a year of food blogging its fair to say that I’m in need of a serious detox, and hopefully something a little more long term rather than just a quick fix. So I’m on a mission in 2017 to get healthy. I’ve heard various different figures quoted ranging from 70% upwards, but its safer to just say that when losing weight and getting fitter, what you eat is the most important thing.

So here on this page you will find little bits and pieces of this jaunt into better living, which I have no doubt will be challenging at times, These will include simple recipes, healthy eating tips, where and what to eat out and other stuff which will hopefully help motivate you, if like me, you’re fed up looking and/or feeling the way you do and want to do something about it.

Please feel free to comment on anything you find here. Also, if you have any tips or advice of your own, I’m all ears. Finally, if you’re on a similar mission yourself, good luck! and let me know how you’re getting on.

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Overnight Oats | A tasty, filling, healthy breakfast

Baked Berry Oats | Perfect for the Weekend


The Centra of Health | Centra NI launch their Live Well campaign


Man with a Plan | Starting We Slim Together #wst


We Slim Together | The First Month




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