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Hidden Veg Pasta Sauce

'Hidden Veg'Β is a tried and tested way of getting some goodness and nutrition into our little ones. Now we never really had this problem with my eldest boy. He has his moments but he basically would give most things a go. On the other hand. my little toddler is turning out to be somewhat of… Continue reading Hidden Veg Pasta Sauce

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The Jack Stack

A quick post about last night's dinner, 'the Jack Stack. Salt & chilli steak from Spar NI, seared in the pan then cooked in the oven with red onion, mushrooms, a large pepper and covered in the pan juices a touch if water, lazy garlic and a good few dollops of Jack Daniels smokey BBQ sauce. At the same… Continue reading The Jack Stack

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Recipe | Rockadoodle Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, oh my! One of my fave things to eat! So when the folks at Rockadoodledo kindly sent me some of their sauces to try, one of which was made for wings, it just had to be done! Into a pre-heated oven at 220C for approx 20-25 mins until the wings start to crisp. Break one… Continue reading Recipe | Rockadoodle Chicken Wings

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Recipe | Spicy 3 Cheese & Red Onion Wedges

Now I loooove cheese and sadly it shows these days. In fact if I didn't eat cheese, I'm pretty confident that I'd look like Jamie Dornan!..... Ok maybe not. In any case its far too tasty to give up. So instead what I did was buy 3 different kinds and use them to make something!… Continue reading Recipe | Spicy 3 Cheese & Red Onion Wedges

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Recipe | Salt ‘n’ Chilli Steak, Creamy Garlic Potatoes & Asparagus

So I've jumped in with both feet to Mash Direct's new competition 'the Great Mashed Veg Off' and cooked up my first dish using Mash Direct's creamy garlic potatoes. Simply cook the spuds as directed on the pack. The salt and chilli steak I got from Spar. Fry up in the pan with some olive… Continue reading Recipe | Salt ‘n’ Chilli Steak, Creamy Garlic Potatoes & Asparagus

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The Great Mashed Veg Off

So today sees the start of Mash Direct's 'Great Mashed Veg Off'. Over the next month or so they are asking their customers to cook something up using their products and post it on their social media of choice using #MashedVegOff. There's prizes up for grabs each week including hampers and cooking equipment. The folks… Continue reading The Great Mashed Veg Off

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Recipe | Chicken Enchiladas

So my next recipe is Chicken Enchiladas. Slightly scary this one. I was cooking for a group of 5 people which I’d never done before. Usually I’m a one pot wonder but here I had 2 on the go, the Acti-fryer and the oven. Some serious multi-tasking going on! For these I used Mexican cooking… Continue reading Recipe | Chicken Enchiladas

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Recipe | My Ultimate Steak Sandwich

So this is my take on the ultimate steak sandwich. The folks at Sauceworks kindly sent me some samples of their sauces so I used their pepper sauce in this recipe. You will need everything below: fillet steak, grated mature cheddar, red onion,  vine tomatoes, pepper sauce, salt & ground pepper, ciabatta bread, butter &… Continue reading Recipe | My Ultimate Steak Sandwich

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Recipe | Quick Chicken Noodles

So heres a quick & healthy dinner to try for the little ones. We made this for the boys but ended up wanting it for ourselves because it smelled so amazing! Just fry off some sliced peppers. Add some cooked chicken breast pieces, a pinch of smoked paprika, Chinese five spice, garlic paste and a… Continue reading Recipe | Quick Chicken Noodles