Lidl ol’ wine drinker me

So Lidl Northern Ireland have a brand new range of top quality wines launching on Monday 12th June, and they very kindly sent me a few bottles to try and to review. Now, whilst I’m fond of the odd wee glass of vino I, like most people, have neither the expertise to write a detailed... Continue Reading →


A Great Way to be Social

So there's been plenty of talk about the Ohh Social app recently from myself, other bloggers and plenty of people in general. If you haven't heard of it or haven't got a chance to look at what it’s about, read on, and also check out the fantastic offer that Ohh Social have given me for... Continue Reading →

Blogger on the Run

So thanks to around a month and a half on We Slim Together I no longer have to turn sideways when exiting a lift. Now, with a slightly narrower frame, it’s time to get moving! I used to be quite into my running in what still seems like a former prehistoric life. And now that I... Continue Reading →

Preserving What Matters

Right so you'll find a few of these appearing on the blog this year and hopefully beyond. I love Northern Ireland Food (if that wasn't abundantly clear already!). Our producers are passionate, our products and produce are high quality and behind every one there's a real story, and I love that. So every now and... Continue Reading →

The Centra of Health

Centra NI Launch Their "Live Well" Campaign So I've taken quite a decisive stance on changing things for the better in 2017, not least the state of my health. The Skinny Bowtie page already has a couple of healthy & hearty (oat based!) recipes for you to try. Be sure to check them out when... Continue Reading →

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