Gin Menus Belfast

5 Great Gin Menus in Belfast

*This post contains affiliate links Now I love Gin, and apparently, I'm not alone! Gin is undoubtedly the trendiest of drinks at the minute. New gins continue to pop up from all over, trying for a share of our attention and to satisfy what I think is a huge surge in peoples curiosity about the … Continue reading 5 Great Gin Menus in Belfast

It’s the Gin Talking

Tanqueray Gin Night at Safa Indian So it was a pleasure to be back at Safa Indian for an event hosted by Love Belfast and one of the Irish Curry Awards' sponsors, Tanqueray Gin. Michelle from Diageo Ireland took us through the story of Gin from all the way back in the 1700s and it's … Continue reading It’s the Gin Talking