Coffee by Quarters

Belfast has very recently settled itself into the very trendy position of being divided into “Quarters”. There do however seem to be 5 Quarters to speak of (i’ll just pause while you try and get you head round that one)... So there’s the Titanic, Cathedral, Linen, Gaeltacht and Queens (or University) Quarters plus the City... Continue Reading →

Coffee at Bullitt Belfast

Bullitt is Belfast's newest hotel. A 4 star haven for anyone wishing to visit this great city. It's been portrayed as the hippest hotel around, flooding social media with sneak peaks and hype long before it's opening earlier this month. I hadn't planned a visit quite this early in its existence but found myself down Anne... Continue Reading →

Coffee and WiFi…Easily

Coffee and WiFi. Two of life's absolute necessities are they not?! Having done most if my growing up in the 90s (depending on who you ask, I may still be growing up) I guess this is a natural or perhaps a man-made evolution of 'Coffee & TV' that Blur famously sang about. These days, the... Continue Reading →

Review | Cafe Vanilla

Cafe Vanilla, Wellington Place, Belfast City Centre So as if this street needed another place to go and feed your face, up pops Cafe Vanilla. Owned by the same folks as its very popular namesake in Lisburn, it's Belfast born little brother still wet behind the ears only opened its doors for the first time... Continue Reading →

Ground Espresso Bar | Bangor

So Nic, the boys and I visited the Ground in Toscana Retail Park, Bangor earlier today. Now I've been to a few different Ground cacafes and I must say this has to be one of the best, especially for the kiddies. Friendly and very understanding staff plus a great wee 'playground' (nice) area to keep... Continue Reading →

Good Food & Wine Co. New Mocha

Back in 2012 the Good Food & Wine Co. was established by Nick Lestas and Michelle McNicholl-Lestas. Their goal was to produce high quality artisan food using local ingredients, suppliers and producers. In the 4 years since, they have managed to do this to such an extent that they have earned several acolades including some... Continue Reading →

Ground Espresso Bar

Ground, Wellington Place, Belfast City Centre So we finally have a stand-alone Ground Espresso Bar in Belfast! In a great spot right in the middle of town no less. Having reviewed the Ground @ Waterstones before I was keen to see how this new one measured up. So I popped in for lunch on only... Continue Reading →

Pausa in Dunelm Mill

Pausa @ Dunelm, Boucher Road, Belfast So on my latest excursion in an effort to keep my youngest little man entertained for more than 5 minutes (a mighty task in itself), we ended up in Dunelm Mill so he could hoover up a few snacks before nap time. This was after a jaunt round Musgrave... Continue Reading →

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