Lidl ol’ wine drinker me

So Lidl Northern Ireland have a brand new range of top quality wines launching on Monday 12th June, and they very kindly sent me a few bottles to try and to review. Now, whilst I’m fond of the odd wee glass of vino I, like most people, have neither the expertise to write a detailed... Continue Reading →

The Great Gusto

Right so Nic & I had an early dinner in il Gusto on the Lisburn Road what seems like ages ago now, but it came just before a wee naturally occurring blogging break while I sorted some "stuff" out (that's the only way I can articulate it without spiraling off into a stream of consciousness).... Continue Reading →

Coffee by Quarters

Belfast has very recently settled itself into the very trendy position of being divided into “Quarters”. There do however seem to be 5 Quarters to speak of (i’ll just pause while you try and get you head round that one)... So there’s the Titanic, Cathedral, Linen, Gaeltacht and Queens (or University) Quarters plus the City... Continue Reading →

Early Morning Belfast

Belfast was looking gorgeous in the early morning haze today. I took a stroll round the river Lagan to the Titanic Quarter and went a bit snap happy with my new gadget (a recent Birthday present). Here's just a few of the pics plus a little slide show of a handful more, hope you enjoy.   Instantly... Continue Reading →


I'm sitting here in Starbucks (something I will beg forgiveness for later) and beginning to type this post. I don’t really know where it’s going to go, how long it will be or if anyone will ever read it but I have to write it. I wonder do other bloggers ever get that? Something you... Continue Reading →

Loving the Layout

A great little collage maker for Instagram Right so I’m still quite the newbie when it comes to Instagram but I discovered this great little tool a while back and I’m perfectly comfortable admitting that I do get carried away using it from time to time.   However, the reason for this, as well as... Continue Reading →

A Great Solo Act

Right so I promise the title of this post will be my first and final ‘solo’ pun. Well, maybe not, but it was my first visit here in quite a while and this time I wasn’t ‘flying solo’ (sorry! 🙂 ), I was with my wee Mammy for a belated Mother’s Day meet up (she was... Continue Reading →

A Great Way to be Social

So there's been plenty of talk about the Ohh Social app recently from myself, other bloggers and plenty of people in general. If you haven't heard of it or haven't got a chance to look at what it’s about, read on, and also check out the fantastic offer that Ohh Social have given me for... Continue Reading →

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