Guest Posts and Reviews

It’s a real privelage when someone else publishes your work on their blog or website. When I first started this blog I never considered this happening to me. Fortunately it has done and hopefully will continue to do so.

Here’s where you’ll find my guest posts and reviews. Thanks to Everyone who has shared my words.


Review of Patisserie Valerie | The Belfast Times | 23 June 2016


Tweet, Meet and EelEat | The Eel-Eat blog | 4 July 2016


Get your donut fix in @doughzydonuts | The Belfast Times | 7 July 2016


Review | Permit Room | The Belfast Times | 15 August 2016

Stuffed with Zizzi-ness | The Belfast Times | 12 October 2016


Preserving What Matters | Food NI | 31 January 2017


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