Baked Sweet Potato with Homemade Guacamole

This is simply the tastiest thing I've ever made, and possibly the healthiest too. The fresh homemade guacamole is super quick and easy. Scrub the sweet potato clean and spray with olive oil, then stick it in the oven, 220'C. 'Give it an oven, give it an hour' as the old ad says. [instagram-feed]   … Continue reading Baked Sweet Potato with Homemade Guacamole

Bacon & Mushroom Risotto

Bacon and Mushroom Risotto

So this Bacon and Mushroom Risotto is one of our favourite dinners. The recipe comes from my Brother-in-Law's, Sister-in-Law's friend (seriously). Its made its way into our house and features pretty much on a weekly basis. Ingredients - makes 2 (big) portions 6 bacon medallions cut into small pieces. 10-12 white mushrooms and 4-6 large … Continue reading Bacon and Mushroom Risotto

Boozy Berry Eton Mess (1)

Boozy Berry Eton Mess

Eton Mess is traditionally a simple to make, throw-together dessert and this one is no different. There's loads of fruit, a bit of brandy for extra indulgence and it's ready in minutes. Ingredients (makes 4) 8-10 large fresh strawberries washed and cut into small chunks. 500ml double cream. A handful of frozen mixed berries, thawed. … Continue reading Boozy Berry Eton Mess

Leek and Potato Soup Title

Leek, Potato & Cashel Blue Soup

Right, so a wee recipe for you, perfect for the cold weather but a hearty feed at any time. This is my twist on a big favourite, this leek, potato & cashel blue soup is made with a couple of added extras, using some gorgeous Abernethy smoked butter and creamy Cashel blue cheese to give a … Continue reading Leek, Potato & Cashel Blue Soup

Father’s Day Feast

So I'm a Dad. A challenging and incredibly rewarding job, but unfortunately the pay is crap. Once a year though we get our wee day. An excuse if ever one was needed to treat myself to something tasty. Fortunate timing then that Asda sent me out a couple of pretty mean looking steaks to have. … Continue reading Father’s Day Feast

Baked Berry Oats

Right I'm going mad for oats this weather! Another healthy breakfast and an absolutely delish one as well. This takes a little longer to make but is still very easy to prep. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. As with the Overnight Oats, use your fave low fat or fat free yogurt. Mix all the … Continue reading Baked Berry Oats

Overnight Oats

Here's the first of what will hopefully be a good few healthier dishes for you to try. There will be a link to this on The Skinny Bowtie, my new page which you should check out also. So this handy and rather tasty little discovery I've made are overnight oats. In my day job I … Continue reading Overnight Oats

The Jack Stack

A quick post about last night's dinner, 'the Jack Stack. Salt & chilli steak from Spar NI, seared in the pan then cooked in the oven with red onion, mushrooms, a large pepper and covered in the pan juices a touch if water, lazy garlic and a good few dollops of Jack Daniels smokey BBQ sauce. At the same … Continue reading The Jack Stack

Guest Post | Kicking the White Stuff Habit

By The Sugary Peach blog Michael very kindly invited me to write a post for his blog, so I thought I would share with you a bit about my blog ‘The Sugary Peach’, and also one of my favourite recipes. I started to write the blog because of a health scare, and as a result … Continue reading Guest Post | Kicking the White Stuff Habit

Recipe | Rockadoodle Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, oh my! One of my fave things to eat! So when the folks at Rockadoodledo kindly sent me some of their sauces to try, one of which was made for wings, it just had to be done!   Into a pre-heated oven at 220C for approx 20-25 mins until the wings start to crisp. Break … Continue reading Recipe | Rockadoodle Chicken Wings

Mash, the story so far..

So I posted back in September about Mash Direct's competition the Great Mashed Veg Off. Post & Competition details There's some great prizes on offer and still plenty of time to enter. For a bit of inspiration, here's a few of my #MashedVegOff pics so far. Salt 'n' Chilli Steak, Creamy Garlic Potatoes & Asparagus … Continue reading Mash, the story so far..

Recipe | Spicy 3 Cheese & Red Onion Wedges

Now I loooove cheese and sadly it shows these days. In fact if I didn't eat cheese, I'm pretty confident that I'd look like Jamie Dornan!..... Ok maybe not. In any case its far too tasty to give up. So instead what I did was buy 3 different kinds and use them to make something! … Continue reading Recipe | Spicy 3 Cheese & Red Onion Wedges

Recipe | Salt ‘n’ Chilli Steak, Creamy Garlic Potatoes & Asparagus

So I've jumped in with both feet to Mash Direct's new competition 'the Great Mashed Veg Off' and cooked up my first dish using Mash Direct's creamy garlic potatoes. Simply cook the spuds as directed on the pack. The salt and chilli steak I got from Spar. Fry up in the pan with some olive … Continue reading Recipe | Salt ‘n’ Chilli Steak, Creamy Garlic Potatoes & Asparagus

Recipe | Apple & Pomegranate Pancakes

So as its Bread & Baking month here's a really easy recipe for apple & pomegranate pancakes. The batter mix I always remember getting from one  of the many series' Jamie Oliver did a few years ago now (thanks Jamie). It's simply 4 things: 1 cup of self-raising flour 1 cup of milk 1 egg A … Continue reading Recipe | Apple & Pomegranate Pancakes

Recipe | Chicken Enchiladas

So my next recipe is Chicken Enchiladas. Slightly scary this one. I was cooking for a group of 5 people which I’d never done before. Usually I’m a one pot wonder but here I had 2 on the go, the Acti-fryer and the oven. Some serious multi-tasking going on! For these I used Mexican cooking … Continue reading Recipe | Chicken Enchiladas

Recipe | Chilli Prawn Tacos

Here's a simple recipe for superb Tacos. A real weekend dinner In the comfort of your own home. This uses the ingredients shown below, all readily available in all good supermarkets and probably even some dodgy ones. These Tacos are super quick so real handy for making if time is tight.. How to Make Heat some … Continue reading Recipe | Chilli Prawn Tacos

Recipe | My Ultimate Steak Sandwich

So this is my take on the ultimate steak sandwich. The folks at Sauceworks kindly sent me some samples of their sauces so I used their pepper sauce in this recipe. You will need everything below: fillet steak, grated mature cheddar, red onion,  vine tomatoes, pepper sauce, salt & ground pepper, ciabatta bread, butter & … Continue reading Recipe | My Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Recipe | My Mighty Mash

Whether its with Sunday roast, sausages or steak & Guinness pie, sometimes plain old mash just doesn't cut it. So here's my idea of pimping up your potatoes. What you need (for 2 people) 6-8 potatoes, peeled and halved. 4 rashers of back bacon cut into small pieces, 1 large red onion, chopped. A good handful of … Continue reading Recipe | My Mighty Mash

Recipe | Chilli Home Fries & Eggs

Right, time for a wee recipe on the blog. The lovely folks at Sauce Works in Crossgar sent me some samples of their sauces. A few cooking sauces, original mayo and the gorgeous taco mayo. Feeling inspired, I wanted to get cooking straight away. Unfortunately our food shop happens at the weekend, so I rummaged … Continue reading Recipe | Chilli Home Fries & Eggs