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Training Matchmaker makes January, Learnuary. Happy New Year! Most of us are a little tired, a little skint and a little heavier than we were a few weeks ago, and now sitting with a physical or mental list of how we're going to better ourselves in 2018. I'm currently sitting looking at my 72 calorie … Continue reading #LearnuaryNI

NICHS Walke up Pyjama Walk

Stretching the Heart Muscles

Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke | Wake Up & Walk “Oh the Shame!!” Right so you park up at Asda or wherever and you head in to pick up a bit of shopping, milk, bread, roll on deodorant, light bulbs etc and to your absolute disgust, there before your eyes is a fellow shopper … Continue reading Stretching the Heart Muscles

We Slim Together | Third Month Lucky

So I looked to the third month on We Slim Together with a positive and what turned out to be slightly optimistic slant In a month or so that saw the WST Gala Ball, Easter, A long and very sunny May Day bank holiday AND my Birthday! And apparently March was tough! Week 11 | … Continue reading We Slim Together | Third Month Lucky

We Slim Together | ‘The Difficult’ Second Month

So the clue’s in the title here. A second month of ups and downs on the We Slim Together plan. Nobody said it was going to be easy! And for certainly the month of March, it wasn’t! Starting weight 13st 7.3lbs Week 6 | Uh oh… So the week started off well with my beautiful … Continue reading We Slim Together | ‘The Difficult’ Second Month

Ohh Social

A Great Way to be Social

So there's been plenty of talk about the Ohh Social app recently from myself, other bloggers and plenty of people in general. If you haven't heard of it or haven't got a chance to look at what it’s about, read on, and also check out the fantastic offer that Ohh Social have given me for … Continue reading A Great Way to be Social

We Slim Together | The First Month

When I decided to start the We Slim Together plan my initial thought was "here we go again Michael. Yet another attempt to lose some weight...!. Defeatist I know but I'd spent the last God knows how long being somewhat quietly unhappy about my size, perhaps not so quietly. I was at the point where … Continue reading We Slim Together | The First Month

Man with a Plan

There’s something hugely ironic about a food blogger going on a diet. Thankfully, this isn’t a diet. I’m just over a week into We Slim Together, a plan developed by local lady Sonya McAllister and based in Randalstown Co. Antrim. I’ve made it my mission this year to get healthy, to undo all the bad habits … Continue reading Man with a Plan

The Centra of Health

Centra NI Launch Their "Live Well" Campaign So I've taken quite a decisive stance on changing things for the better in 2017, not least the state of my health. The Skinny Bowtie page already has a couple of healthy & hearty (oat based!) recipes for you to try. Be sure to check them out when … Continue reading The Centra of Health