Sawers Deli Belfast

Sawers Deli

Fountain Centre, 5-6 College Street, Belfast

Just the smell coming out of Sawers Deli is enough to make you want to delve inside and discover something amazing, and you didn’t even think you were that hungry!

Sawers Belfast Deli Cheese

But this place is absolutely crammed full of great food and drink from just down the road, and all over the world. The cured meats and cheese counters are a monetary minefield. I could spend £100s here alone, never mind the sauces, tapenades, oils, juices, teas, jams and the rest that fill up the shelves.

Then there are the sandwiches. I say sandwiches, the word doesn’t really cut it as far as these go. Some look like you’d need a crane to winch them over to be toasted. And the humongous tray bakes on top of the counter are just too tempting.

Fill yer boots

Here are five of the best from sawers deli

  • Beef & Bird: Irish roast beef, sliced chicken marinated in Ballymaloe Jalapeno relish, blush tomato, cheddar, rocket.
  • The Reuben: pastrami, sauerkraut, Monterey Jack cheese, sweet mustard.
  • Moroccan Melt: For the veggies, red pepper houmous, brie, red onions, peppers, and Sawers own mango, chili & lime chutney.
  • The Belfast Melter: Irish Guinness cheddar, Irish gammon, peppers, Ballymaloe relish, tomato, rocket, chipotle sauce.
  • Spanish Melt: Serrano ham, manchego, black olives, salsa, rocket.
Sawers Belfast Deli counter

Most people take away and head back to the office, inevitably creating jealousy and resentment among co-workers. But there’s a wee seating area which also proved popular today at least. I sat at the high bench facing the cheese display (200+ to choose from). Lunch with a view indeed, never mind sitting in the Grand Central Observatory!

I often think Sawers is forgotten about when looking for ‘a wee sammich’, but once you’ve tried it lunchtimes may never be the same.

Sawers belfast website

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