Tribal Burger Belfast – Probably the best burgers in town!

Tribal Burger Belfast comes to the city centre

Makers of big beautiful burgers, Tribal Burger, have opened up their new restaurant in Belfast city centre. They’ve been on Botanic Ave since September 2017, and now you’ll also find them in Callender Street, at the back of Marksies where Bubbacue once stood (RIP). Whilst I did love a bit of the Bubba, Tribal is a different beast entirely.

These burgers are just phenomenal. I’ve only been to Botanic once, so now there’s one right in the middle of town, no (burger) flippin’ excuses!

Must be the Mexican

Tribal Burger Belfast Mexican and Tribal Chips

The Mexican is almost irresistible as I read the menu, but there are so many more choices on there, the Cashel Blue with hot sauce for one. Fans of foul have the ‘Dirty Bird’, ‘Spicy Bird’ and buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce to choose from. And vegans, are well looked after too, with a lentil, sundried tomato and olive patty, or a sweet potato, quinoa and chilli one.

Tribal Burger Belfast Chicken Wings
Tribal Burger Chicken Wings (taken from their website)

To go with your burger, they have fries done loads of different ways. Best looking of the bunch being Cajun skinny fries topped with jalapeno salsa and taco sauce. But even the chunky ‘Tribal’ fries with pepper sauce are fantastic (that pepper sauce is unreal!).

Boozy shakes

Tribal Burger Belfast Milkshake
Tribal Milkshake (taken from their website)

If you’ve room left, you could squeeze in a milkshake, with or without booze. The ‘Hardshakes’ include Jameson, ginger and rhubarb. White Russian with Abslout and Khalua, and add coffee to this for an Espresso Martini shake. All Hardskakes are £5 each.

The lunchtime offer is a great deal. Any burger, regular wings, or ”TriBox’ salad (burger salad bowl, no bap so GF) with Tribal chips for £7.95.

If you can’t get along before Santa comes, just hold off the ‘New me in 2019’ regime and swap it for an ‘it’s January, I’m skint and I don’t care. Let’s go to Tribal Burger!’ one.

Good luck to Paul, Elaine and the guys with their new restaurant. Worth going back to again and again.

Tribal Burger Belfast

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