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Cafe on the Square Belfast opens at last! Custom House Square has been screaming out for something like this for ages now. It hosts umpteen events every year like the Tesco Taste Festival, ABV Fest and a whole list of live music gigs.

But when the tents and equipment are all packed up and the trucks roll away, we’re left with a big empty space, the expanse of Custom House on one side and some rather flash city centre apartments on the other.


cafe on the square belfast outside

Cafe on the Square Belfast starting something new

Now, this space might be perfect for a…. whatever the collective name for a group of millennial skateboarders is, but there’s an opportunity here to make this a great communal space for all sorts to use, skateboarders included.

Hopefully, the opening of Café on the Square will kickstart this process. And, whilst the temperature has dropped by a degree or ten in the last few weeks, this trendy new little café is the perfect place to get together for a natter and a cuppa tea. While we’re on that, they do yummy local Freebird Tea.

Read my interview with Karen Alexander from Freebird Tea

cafe on the square belfast table

And on the first day

Wasting no time I called in on their very first day of opening. They have an all-day breakfast menu and lunch. Both with plenty of choices and very reasonably priced. They are fully licensed and are starting to open later into the evening too.

This stunning mega breakfast I had was a tenner and tasted as good as it looked. The beef and black pepper sausages were a winner, from McAtamneys in Ballymena. I also loved the crispy soda & spud bread, dry-fried on a griddle pan so not one bit greasy.

Great start for Cafe on the Square. The doors barely open and they’ve hit the ground running.

Cafe on the Square on Insta

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