Pocket sized Coffee

So a speedy dander one lunchtime brought me to the aptly named pocket which sits right across the road from the impressive Queen’s University Lanyon Building (sadly half covered in scaffold at the minute).

They’ve managed to squeeze a coffee house into what is really a living room, on the ground floor with a couple of different businesses on the floors above (lucky them!).

Pocket coffee cappucino

Its a nice open space and feels very relaxed despite the size. There’s a nice outside seating area too, which, as it was double figure temperatures and not raining, I was obliged to use.

I just had a wee cappuccino this time but along with serving breakfast, brunch and lunch, they have some pretty hefty cake slices on display and other treats like fresh banana bread.

For the coffee geeks like myself they use a Black Eagle coffee machine. With a gorgeous retro style design it really stands out behind the counter.

Fantastic coffee expertly made as expected, and s shorter walk from town than you might think.

Website https://www.thepocket.coffee

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