The Naked Revolution at Finnebrogue

The Naked Revolution at Finnebrogue

Naked Bacon

So I’m loving this Naked Bacon, part of the latest range from Finnebrogue. Naked meats are made without the addition of nitrites and E numbers.

The folks at Finnebrogue having produced sausages for more than a decade vowed not to produce bacon until they could make it safer, which means doing without the harmful nitrites, and now they have.

The process involves using a combination of Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts to preserve the meat instead of adding nitrites to do this.

The naked range includes back and streaky bacon, cooked hams, and sausages made without E numbers and allergens. There are more additions on the way too, including smoked bacon rashers.

Check out where you can pick up the naked range on the Finnebrogue Website.Finnebrogue Naked Bacon Stockists

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