Brewed Belfast Donuts

Chilli Chicken Donut Anyone? Head to Brewed Belfast!

Brewed Belfast has just opened up in Queens Street in the centre of town, and is challenging our taste buds by serving up savoury “burger style” donut dishes!

Chilli Chicken, Spicy Beef, a Vegetarian Savoury and Pulled Pork all served between a two-donut “bun”. There’s also an excellent selection of the more familiar sweet yet still interesting donut flavours including toffee popcorn, Galaxy & popping candy and mint Oreo. There are various teas and the usual coffees and soft drinks as well.

Strange yet satisfying

I admit it did feel quite strange tucking into a chilli chicken donut sandwich, but the experience wasn’t at all a bad one, and got better as I ate. The idea certainly wouldn’t appeal to everyone and I would say if this is you then at least give it a go once. Or, you could wait a short while before calling in, as they will start serving more run of the mill lunches like filled paninis very soon.

Be sure to pop in and have a look though. Dave & Lisa are so friendly and welcoming, and my mint Oreo donut was very good, as is the coffee. All the donuts are made fresh and decorated every morning in the shop, and the meat fillings are sourced from local butchers.

The savoury donuts are around £4 – £5 and the sweet ones are from £1.20 – £2.20 or they do a box of 4 for £5.50 which is pretty good value. They also serve a breakfast donut and soup at lunch.

They’ve only been opened a week so look out for more donut related innovations on the way. And, if your curiosity gets the better of you, do let me know what you think.

Visit Brewed Belfast’s Facebook Page


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