Zizzi Belfast, Victoria Square

I was in Zizzi Belfast at the weekend for what was my third visit since it opened in late 2016. I’m really impressed by this restaurant. Each time it has delivered on service, price, and food. The menu has loads on it with plenty of classic and contemporary dishes, veggie & vegan, gluten & dairy free, calorie counters, and, being visually impaired, I love that they have large print versions, saving whoever I’m with the job of reading out half the menu to me.

It’s also perfect for families as they have small cutlery and plastic glasses (…you know what I mean) for the wee ones, and a great value kids ‘bambini’ menu, £6.75 for 3 courses. This is quite a lot of food, and depending on your little ones, you may want to get one deal with an extra main and share the starter & dessert.

Italian Lunch

So the kids got garlic bread with carrot & cucumber sticks for the starter (no sharing took place whatsoever), one pizza and one pasta for main, and both got ice cream for dessert. I got the Pinoli pizza, rustica style (oval shaped served on a wooden block) and “herby” potatoes.

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The Pinoli is goat’s cheese, mozzarella, caramelised balsamic onions. sunblush tomatoes, pine nuts, riserva cheese and basil, so a veggie one, but you can add chicken, as I did.

The open kitchen area complete with huge pizza oven is a great feature and good entertainment while you wait for your food.

The drinks menu includes a good list of wines, cocktails (check out the Ginberry Fizz!) and excellent craft beer from the Wild Beer Co. based in Somerset.

Get along to Zizzi if you haven’t been yet. Sitting in the middle of Victoria Square, you can take yourselves in for a break from shopping, or, head there in the evening for a meal and wee pint in the Kitchen bar after.

Zizzi Belfast Pinoli Rustica
Pinoli Rustica

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