Yugo Belfast

Yugo is tucked away in Wellington Street off Donegall Square West. It opened at the tail end of 2016 and has brought something to Belfast that we hadn’t really seen here before.

Fearless Fusion

Yugo is ‘fusion’ in Japanese. And although this word is used by quite a few restaurants in Belfast, Yugo have taken this a little further. Both co-owners, Kyle and Gerard (Head Chef) have combined their experience of working in top class restaurants in cities like London & Melbourne with their love of Asian cuisine, and have put together a forward-thinking menu that comprises of a little familiar and a lot of innovation, creativity with bags of flair and flavour.

I called into Yugo for a quick lunch, having heard for the umpteenth time ‘Have you tried Yugo yet? oh, you have to go and do a review!”, well, alright then!

Chopsticks or Fork?

The inside is cozy and very casual. I sat along the high bar at the open kitchen, which was spotlessly clean. I spotted the pot of mixed forks and chopsticks on the counter and had to make a quick decision as to whether or not I embarrass myself, having not used chopsticks in quite some time. Nevertheless, I went for it, and after a bit of fumbling got my technique up to scratch.

The lunch menu is a meaty collection of very affordable dishes including pork dumplings, beef pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup), massaman chicken curry and sugar pit pork shoulder. There is also a separate vegetarian menu.

There’s also ‘Bao’ (steamed) buns with several different fillings, and sides, which of course include hand-cut fries to satisfy the Belfast-ian mentality. Of course, I couldn’t resist! They’re served covered in togarashi spices, a mix which includes chili, Szechuan, dried peppers and orange peel. The fries were on the side of some aromatic, fresh crispy pork dumplings with hot crispy chili, soy & garlic.

The food tasted superb. It was served extra quick and there was plenty of it for £10 all in. Excellent value for the centre of Belfast.

Eating in the Evening

At night they up the finesse with the main dishes including Iberico pork, jungle curry (king prawns), and lamb loin. There’s also small plates & more bao buns with a selection of wines and Asian beers as well.

Reservations at Yugo belfast | Click Here or Tel: 02890319715

The menu is reviewed and tweaked regularly with Kyle and Gerard planning a visit to Asia in the near future, including Malaysia & Japan, to soak up even more inspiration and put it into their dishes.

So, extremely impressed by Yugo, Their aim is for “every customer who comes through our doors to leave impressed by Yugo and excited to come back again”. Done deal!


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