Training Matchmaker makes January, Learnuary.

Happy New Year! Most of us are a little tired, a little skint and a little heavier than we were a few weeks ago, and now sitting with a physical or mental list of how we’re going to better ourselves in 2018. I’m currently sitting looking at my 72 calorie cereal bar, banana and newly bought thermo-flask full of homemade soup, close to despair and wanting nothing more than to go to Boojum at lunch and eat a burrito the size of my head.

You’ll have gathered that losing a bit of my all too comfortable tubbiness is on my list, surely one of the most popular resolutions on record. More on that in a while (I hope) but in the meantime, I’m also aiming to learn a little bit of something this year. Hopefully, by the summer, I’ll finally hold a Marketing qualification following what I’m certain will be six months of hard study, so I love what TrainingMatchmaker.com have done, dubbing January as #LearnuaryNI, encouraging people to challenge themselves and learn something new to start off 2018.

Training Matchmaker Logo
Training Matchmaker

Let’s face it, January is no doubt the dullest month of the year, so why not give a bit of time to stimulate your mind and get a bit of satisfaction out of learning something new?

You can find loads more information and some great suggestions and resources at the link below. There are loads of courses out there and many of them cost absolutely nothing.


Christine Watson form Training Matchmaker
Christine Watson from Training Matchmaker

One course I can recommend having recently completed it myself is the Google Digital Garage certificate which covers the fundamentals of online marketing. A fantastic course, online, on demand to complete when it suits you and yes, FREE!

Check out Training Matchmaker, get learning something you love and post about it on your Social Media pages using the hashtag #LearnuaryNI. Happy Learning!

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