Bullitt Brunch

Few places these days in Belfast stand out as being truly unique as well as being both memorable and most importantly, providing an excellent customer experience leaving you already planning your next visit before you’ve even left.

Bullitt Hotel Entrance

I’ve written about Bullitt Hotel a couple of times before. From the passionate baristas to the wow factor of Taylor & Clay (the Asador grill alone sees to that). So this time I was here for brunch, still the trendiest meal of the day. Sitting in the lobby bar area, suitably yet subtly decorated for the time of year. Subtle all except the very grand and funky white wooden tree by reception. As Bullitt does, a little (or a lot) different to the norm of tinsel and baubles.

Bullitt Christmas Tree

On the menu, you’ll find a selection of fresh baked brioche buns filled with eggs plus your choice between bacon, the ‘veggie’ one, the ‘meaty” one, and their now-famous wagyu beef. The ‘Full Bullitt’ breakfast, porridge and granola are on there too. Pressed juices including one called the ‘Woo Tang Clan’ (love it!) and, just what I was looking for, some mighty potato hash. Meat or mushroom the options here. Its the wagyu beef every time for me I’m afraid, served among the hash, surrounded by sliced pickle and topped with a fried egg.

Bullitt Beef Hash Brunch

As a total foodie, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a really fantastic looking plate of food set down in front of you. No seasoning or sauce required. The beef, spuds, pickles and egg beautifully combined and consumed with sheer enjoyment.

Bullitt Coffee

I could go on to the surroundings, the vibe and the attitude of the hotel but I’ve covered this in my previous posts. Bullitt is just pure “cool”, plain and simple.

‘Tis the season for…shopping, so it seems, with Belfast as crammed as ever. Being located where it is, Bullitt is a perfect spot for a sit down during the chaos. My advice would be to break early, or avoid the shops altogether and spend some time catching up over some top-class brunch and coffee.

Until next time Bullit…

Steve McQueen Bullitt

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