Officially Oysters

The Belfast Christmas Market is back, and even earlier than in previous years. Here from 18 November right up until 23 December.

This year there is a dedicated space for a “Food Court” in the grounds of City Hall, where you can grab something quick and yummy for lunch in any of the surrounding stalls or anywhere else in the market, take a seat and have a munch. Yes ok, its brass monkeys weather lately but hey…

Seriously Fresh

One of the stalls in the Food Court is Officially Oysters who are a mobile seafood stand operation, available for weddings, private parties, corporate get-togethers etc. but for the next few weeks you’ll find them here in the Christmas Market, selling food on the go in the form of oysters & mussels alongside jars of crab, mackerel, and langoustine pate, in singles or in very nice gift packs. All the seafood is locally farmed and seriously fresh.

I had the tempura fried oysters with cayenne olive oil and halloumi. £6.50 for this and it was totally gorgeous. I tried a bit of the langoustine pate as well and would definitely recommend. sweet and not too “fishy”. The gent before me in the queue got the mussels which also looks great.

The Belfast Christmas Market has plenty of choice for food as with previous years but I think the quality might be up a bit this time around. Officially Oysters are definitely a contributor to this. Be sure to check them out next time you’re in.

Check out Officially Oysters on Facebook & Instagram. If you’re interested in hiring them for an event email:

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