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Belfast played host to Digital Cities this week. 7 days of seminars, workshops, masterclasses and various other events on all things digital media. On Wednesday, as part of this, I was at the MAC theatre in the City’s Cathedral Quarter for a digital skills day hosted by the very talented people at the BBC Academy.

The day was made up of 4 different workshops covering basically what it takes to make your digital content what it should be: authentic, consistent, accessible and shareable. Just some of the very relevant buzzwords used throughout the lessons.


Content Quote

Creating APPsolutely Amazing Content

One class (entitled the above) looked at some very useful apps to help give your images and videos such characteristics as the ones mentioned above. Doing something as simple as adding text to an image to make memes, combining images to make GIFs or adding simple animation to a video can add an extra dimension and create more effective original content. It can also help you refresh and re-purpose your old content.

Becoming a bit of a digital geek , as I am these days, I wanted to put some of this new found knowledge into practice. So here’s a few examples of how I’ve attempted to reuse some of my previous images from older blog posts or social media:

A very wise lady once said to me “If you want to get into digital marketing you need to get used to change every day”, sound advice. Change is very much constant in the digital world.

GIFS using Legend


Originally a picture of a pint of Yardman Stout, the first GIF below was created in just a few minutes using Legend.

The second, using a cup of coffee from Bullit hotel, has 2 different edits. The first a pretty “in your face” video and the 2nd, a GIF in a different style, more subtle and possibly suited to a different audience.




So nothing too complicated here, just taking images and adding a bit of dynamic text using Legend, a free app available on IOS and Android. The result being something that stands out much better when scrolling through your newsfeed, you get facts and personal opinion as well.

Memes using Pictofile

Ground Espresso Carrot Cake Meme

Me and Mickey Mouse Meme

These two memes were made in pretty much seconds using Pictogram, which also can create GIFs by linking together several images and/or other GIFs.

Quik Video

Quik is a fantastic little app that takes a selection of your images, adds music and auto-edits and produces a pretty impressive short video. You can choose from many different styles and music, a focus point for each of the images and add text to each one if you wish. This can then immediately be shared to whatever platform you wish direct from the app. Here’s a video I made in less than 5 minutes using Quik with a selection of photos from my recent post on Revolucion de Cuba in Belfast and then uploaded to YouTube.


Repurposing User Generated Content can be a very quick, cost effective and really “boost results” as explained in this excellent blog post by marketing thought leader Dave Chaffey.

There are so many apps out there that will do the same and many other things besides to enhance your images and videos and if you have a favourite or other recommendation I’d love to hear it (please leave a comment below), but these were some very quick and easy examples we were shown during our time at the #DigiBelfast digital skills day, so if you haven’t already, give them a try.

Content & Digital Marketing

Need help with your old or new content? Or if you’re interested in a paid partnership project for your business, please get in touch. Email or contact me through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

A big thank you to the BBC Academy for a great day. The Apps workshop was delivered by Patrick Flavelle, thank you Patrick.

Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing
Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing

I couldn’t end this post without mentioning Christine Watson of Watson & Co. Chartered Marketing. There isn’t much about marketing you don’t know @watsonmydear and thank you so much for sharing some of it with me.

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