Roasted and Toasted

So here’s a shiny new wee gem of a place you’ll have to visit. Roasted and Toasted (great name) opened back in April on Botanic Avenue, a place absolutely crammed with coffee and therefore competition. Does this place hold it’s own in the mix? Absolutely!

R&T serves fantastic locally roasted coffee alongside a breakfast, lunch and sweet stuff menu. All of which offer something very innovative and different. Co-owner Chris Lynch explained that they have taken their inspiration from the street food scenes of London, Western Europe and the United States coastal cities like San Francisco & LA. Keeping the menu small, focusing on quality over quantity and going big on flavour.

Roasted & Toasted Glen Miller
The Glen Miller

And it shows! I called in just after work so got from the ‘Street Eats’ menu and had the ‘Glen Miller‘: Toasted Yellow Door buttermilk bap, slow roasted pulled pork, garlic aioli and an utterly superb spiced apple chutney which absolutely blew me away!

Some really original ideas all throughout the menu. As well as the Glen Miller, below are just a few of my picks.

If you’re old enough (like me) to remember the cult film The Goonies, you’re gonna want to try the Truffle Shuffle, which sounds amazing! (unlike the dance from the film).

Untitled design (2)

How good do they sound?! you’ll also notice some nice local producers in there too.

So early days but pretty exciting times for Roasted & Toasted. Very impressive stuff with great food and coffee in a very chilled out vibe. Definitely reminiscent of the west coast coffee houses in LA and San Fran, 2 places I’m fortunate enough to have visited.

Roasted & Toasted Coffee & Glen Miller

Doing things just that little bit more out there than anyone else on the block. Call in to Roasted & Toasted for your street food fix soon!

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