Asda’s Super Summer Picnic Range

Asda Brownie Bites
Asda Brownie Bites

The Great Outdoors

So it’s mid-August already but there’s still plenty of time to make the most of what’s left of the summer. Plus we all remember how good the weather gets in September from back in the school days, sitting in the ‘greenhouse’ assembly hall on the first day of term.

Asda Hamper
Asda Hamper

What better way to enjoy the overcast late summer days than with a picnic. Our family love a wee picnic and you would often find us sitting among the heavy traffic on bank holidays, windscreen wipers on full pelt, having a wee squabble in the car on our way to the nearest astronomically priced National Trust venue for a kick about of a ball, an inevitable tree climbing injury and a good old feed, complete with an array of folding chairs and “free picnic blankets when you spend £30” from circa the early millennium.

Working with Children in Need


I’ve teamed up with Asda to help show off their excellent range of picnic food, to encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy some Family time, fresh air and fine food (perhaps without the squabbling). The supermarket giant are supporting this year’s Children in Need Appeal and as a tribute to good ol’ Pudsey they’re encouraging us to picnic it up teddy bear style. Bearing in mind our colourful climate here you may have to forgo Lady Dixon Park for the living room floor and have a wee Northern Ireland Indoor Picnic, similar to the famous “indoor barbecues” we all know and love.

The Perfect Picnic

Asda Picnic Food
Some of the range

Regardless of where you lay your blanket I have to admit I was well impressed at the variety of food on offer in Asda. I was very lucky to be sent a hamper with a great selection of ready to eat sharing snacks and finger foods perfect for al fresco dining along with a set of plastic plates, cutlery & wine glasses (yes, I know, ‘plastic glasses’ but what do you actually call them?!), a lovely bottle of sauvignon blanc, oh, and a gnome cake (as you do), read on for more on that.

Asda Picnic Range Display
Great Plate of Food

A few of my Favourites

Here’s my top 3 of what I was sent. All of these are a must on your shopping list, whether you’re planning a picnic or not!

Smoky Stuffed Peppers

Asda Smoky Stuffed Peppers

Oh my God could not get enough of these. I’m very into my olives, feta, Mediterranean antipasti type foods so these are right up my avenida

Spanish Serrano Ham

Asda Serrano Ham

As with the above, cured meats from around the Med always add something extra to a sandwich rather than just plain old ham. This Serrano ham from South West Spain is said to be among the best in the world. No need to go to Spain for it though (shame), it’s right here in Asda.

South African Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Asda Sauvignon

Whilst not a huge wine drinker I am more of a new world guy when it comes to wine & this South African sauvignon went down a treat with the rest of our wee feast.

Gnorman the Gnome

I also got very attached to a very large and lovely cake called Gnorman the Gnome. So much so that he stars in his very own video, showing you some of the sights of Belfast :).

Head to Asda and see what they have on offer for all your al fresco dining needs. You will not be disappointed.

Big thanks to Asda and Morrow Communications for the hamper.



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