Stretching the Heart Muscles

Stretching the Heart Muscles

Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke | Wake Up & Walk

“Oh the Shame!!”

Right so you park up at Asda or wherever and you head in to pick up a bit of shopping, milk, bread, roll on deodorant, light bulbs etc and to your absolute disgust, there before your eyes is a fellow shopper shuffling about in the jazziest PJs & slippers combo youve ever seen and a pink polka dot dressing gown 3 inches thick.

Now of course you give the obligatory “look”, quiet tut and subtle (or maybe not so subtle) headshake. But isn’t there just a tiny little bit of you inside that’s thinking “ wouldn’t it be great if I could stroll around in public and no-one would care less because everyone would be doing it?”. Well, if you fancy trying it out, even just the once, then this is for you.


The Wake Up Pyjama Walk

On 30th September 2017 Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke will hold their first “Wake Up Pyjama Walk”. A 5 kilometre walk for individuals, couples, families, friends, groups and other businesses & organisations and everyone and I mean everyone is in their PJs (their bestest or least washed out lookin’ pair I imagine).

The event takes place up on the Hill at Stormont Estate and is sponsored by locally owned Mace. NICHS have also roped in Q Radio’s Breakfast Show duo Stephen Clements & Cate Conway who will be getting a lengthy lie in by their standards before joining the crowds to get them warmed up and on their way.

NICHS Wake Up Pyjama Walk Flyer
Wake Up Campaign Flyer

After you’re done there’s entertainment and music planned plus what will be a well deserved brunch for everyone.

It costs just £10 to register with a small amount of sponsorship to gather in. You can register and find out more information at the link below.

NICHS Walke up Pyjama Walk

Register for the “Wake Up Pyjama Walk”

The Campaign

The walk is part of the Wake Up Campaign which runs throughout all of September. If you can’t make it to the walk, or as well as doing so, you can organise a pyjama tea party with friends or family or have a PJ Day at work or school. All this is to get people moving to improve their own heart health and to help fight heart disease, Northern Ireland’s biggest killer.

Reduce Heart Disease
Simple Steps to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

For the facts about heart disease you can click here and for more information you can visit, email or phone 028 9032 0184.

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