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Now admittedly LinkedIn is a more recent addition in my quest for social media world domination and so is still fairly new to me.

However, “the grown up of social networking” is not only the world’s most popular social media channel for professionals and entrepreneurs, it’s now one of the biggest generally, with some pretty impressive statistics to show off. Here are just a few:

  • 467 million total users
  • 106 million active monthly users
  • 1.5 million groups
  • 40% of users use it daily
  • 2 new people join LinkedIn every second
  • And finally, if you need help sorting out your finances, there are 5.5 million accountants on LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn by the Numbers, 2017 statistics

Laptop with Linkedin Logo
Original Photo by Kari Shea


LinkedIn also has a vital role to play in B2B marketing and is held in the high regard as a credible and productive channel for professional content & generating leads.

There’s a deluge of specialist features as well as the more straightforward you’d find on many other social media platforms, but you need to think a little differently about how you use these when it comes to LinkedIn.

Your profile for example is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd, market yourself and your business and attract the right kind of people to connect with. You can give information about your work experience, education, skills and what exactly you’re looking to get from being there..

You also have the ability to connect with people & businesses, build your online professional network, apply for a new job and advertise them also.

Of course being a social network you can (and should) post original content, share other relevant content and engage with people on topics of interest with likes, comments and through joining and forming groups.

“Having a complete, detailed and up to date profile is imperative on LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is also a great resource for professional development through LinkedIn Learning. Subscription costs around £24/month if you pay each month or around £17/month if you pay annually.

What you get is access to courses delivered by experts through recorded webinars and covering topics like marketing, project management, photography and IT infrastructure.

New to LinkedIn?

Having a complete, detailed and up to date profile is imperative on LinkedIn.

Here’s a fantastic infographic from Search Engine Journal showing 7 steps to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to develop new leads, a freelancer looking for new clients and contracts, a student/graduate with an entrepreneurial spark, in fact anyone who is serious about developing their business or career needs to be on LinkedIn.

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