Hot Igloo

Working in Belfast city centre coupled with living not too far from it means that most of my eating out is done in the middle of town. So it was a nice change to be asked by 1vision PR (thanks folks) to try out a still very brand new restaurant up in Glengormley.

Another plus was that I got to bring the entire crew. So on Saturday lunchtime, me, Nic and the 2 boys bundled into Hot Igloo, which only just opened back in April this year.

Families Welcome

There was a lovely buzz inside and despite having just walked in the door you could tell it was a very laid back and welcoming place. Staff were polite, helpful and great with the kids. Families were most definitely welcome here. There were also 2 rather large kids birthday parties in while we were there and I must say they were expertly managed by the team.

One great thing for the little ones is the chance for them to make their own pizza and watch as it cooks in the custom made ‘Hot Igloo’ wood fired oven itself. My youngest had a margherita and chose to add sweetcorn with a ‘one for the pizza base, one for me’ arrangement. His big Brother is a huge pepperoni fan as his pizza shows. I was expecting a world shortage in cured meat following our visit. It was pizzas for all in fact and we had a couple of portions of fries between us.

So my boys impatience was tested (despite the hot igloo oven cooking the pizzas in 120 seconds flat), and so began the quiet time, approximately 3 minutes of it… the joys of eating out with kids! :).

Hor Igloo

Great Food

The pizzas did go down very well. A thicker base which works fine with me, very fresh and cooked in no time. I was well impressed with the extra crispy fries, loved them. Kiddies get Ice Cream with their meal deal and I went for a slice of what was fantastic chocolate cake, homemade, as are all the desserts. The restaurant is currently BYO with plans to become licensed in the future.

A great little Family run, relaxed and friendly restaurant serving great food. Hot Igloo has hit the ground running and looks set to keep the crowds coming.

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