Father’s Day Feast

So I’m a Dad. A challenging and incredibly rewarding job, but unfortunately the pay is crap. Once a year though we get our wee day. An excuse if ever one was needed to treat myself to something tasty. Fortunate timing then that Asda sent me out a couple of pretty mean looking steaks to have.

Asda Rump Steak

A steak sandwich is one of my favourite things to make (and eat) at home. So I used the rump steak (the other being a sirloin) to cook up my Father’s day feast. I fried the steak in a very hot pan using Broighter Gold rapeseed oil and seasoned with coarse sea salt and ground black pepper. 3-4 minutes each side was plenty for me.

Served on a slice of Belfast Bap, which I threw into the oil & meat juices after removing the steak for just 30 seconds each side (stroke of genius if I do say so myself :). Strong cheddar cheese melted on, vine tomatoes, onions rings and a wee twist thanks to a few dollops of chutney from Rozi’s Orchard, apple date and red pepper. Washed down with a Hillstown Brewery award winning Goat’s Butt (check out the glass!).

Fathers Day Steak
Father’s Day Feast

Thanks to Asda for the steaks. Think it’ll be a pepper steak & chips with the sirloin.

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