Lidl ol’ wine drinker me

So Lidl Northern Ireland have a brand new range of top quality wines launching on Monday 12th June, and they very kindly sent me a few bottles to try and to review.

Now, whilst I’m fond of the odd wee glass of vino I, like most people, have neither the expertise to write a detailed critique of them  nor the audacity to pretend that I do. My opinion therefore rests somewhere between “it’s wet and it tastes good” and, well, it’s probably not too far from that!


But rest assured these wines are good, some are excellent, at least to my underdeveloped palate. If you are looking for a full blown all singing all dancing look at these wines, tastes and notes etc etc, I’ve sourced some reputable review sites and there are links to these at the bottom of this post.

Lidl’s new range of wine hails from Italy which seems a sensible enough choice by reputation alone and for the fact that they are number 2 on the list of the World’s biggest wine producers (after France).

To give you an idea of my own tastes for fermented grapes, I’m a white wine man (you’re either one or the other right!). I’m a fan of South African Chenin Blanc and when I do have red (on occasion with steak… or crisps :)) I can appreciate a Pinot Noir or since we’re talking Italian wine, I love the Italian Primitivo. So if any of these are to your taste then you’ll definitely find something in this range for you.

Lidl wine
Wine & Crisps – we’ve all done it

Here are a few of the wines included in the new range.

The Whites

Lidl Wine

Botte del Conti Trebbiano d’Abruzzo | 2016 | £4.99




Sassi del Mare Falanghina Beneventano | 2016 | £6.99



The Reds

Lidl Wine


Casale di Campi Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso | 2016 | £5.99







Barbera d’Asti Superiore | 2012 | £5.99





A Seal of Quality


You’ll notice the DOCG seal on the Barbera d’Asti. This is a government issued seal of guaranteed origin and quality, awarded after rigorous testing (nice job if you can get it).

The range includes 9 white, 10 red and there’s a sparkling and rose as you’d expect, quite a choice although I always think that rose wines get a bad deal when it comes to availability in both retail and restaurants.


Thank you so much to Lidl for sending the wine and I apologise for what is a very “high level” review (to use detestable business speak). But the wines mentioned above went down very well in our house, particularly the Sassi del Mare and are all very affordable.

If you are of a more discerning palate, here are a couple of review sites to try out.


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