The Great Gusto

Right so Nic & I had an early dinner in il Gusto on the Lisburn Road what seems like ages ago now, but it came just before a wee naturally occurring blogging break while I sorted some “stuff” out (that’s the only way I can articulate it without spiraling off into a stream of consciousness). So after a very dramatic pause, here’s what I thought about it.

This was an all too rare opportunity where both our boys were off bringing endless joy to their Nanny & Granda for the night, or something like that. So we took the opportunity to go out for dinner minus the food flinging, table banging & general riotous noise that would drown out the sound of a jumbo jet taking off just outside the restaurant. Despite this you do miss them, a little anyway.

Il Gusto Outside
Il Gusto Entrance

Il Gusto is small and intimate inside. It was early evening and we actually had the place to ourselves (I imagine if it were full some of the intimacy would be lost as the tables are very close together). We sat by the window where Nic quickly discovered an electric heater down between table and the glass Well this was her sorted. Self-guided heating and Italian food on the way, Her idea of heaven!.

So it was pizzas all round and a wee Whitewater brewery ale along with some fries. The pizzas were.excellent and packed with toppings. I had the Carnivora. Meat, chilli and yes, pineapple! giving away my slant on the great “pineapple on a pizza?” debate.

The pizza base was quite heavy so if you’re a ‘thin & crispy’ kinda guy or gal, maybe say so when ordering. The fries were the highlight, Cajun spiced, crunchy and gorgeous. The rest of the menu is made up of the classic Italian dishes you would expect to find from pastas & risotto to steak, chicken and seafood. The starting platter sounds very appealing and I’ll be having the tagliatelle pollo picante next time. I also love the kids menu, a good selection and all under a fiver.

Check out il Gusto’s Facebook Page for some great deals they do. Steak night on Thursday, two & three course lunch deals and with Father’s Day coming up, all Dads get a free beer! 🙂

Il Gusto is a great proper little Italian and I’d eat here again without hesitation. Great pizza and keep an eye out for those offers including the one we took advantage of: the Ohh Social App giving 2 for 1 on pizzas! Excellent stuff. Stop by when you’re in BT9 next.

Get the Ohh Social App for £10!!

Ohh Social App


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