Early Morning Belfast

Belfast was looking gorgeous in the early morning haze today. I took a stroll round the river Lagan to the Titanic Quarter and went a bit snap happy with my new gadget (a recent Birthday present).

Here’s just a few of the pics plus a little slide show of a handful more, hope you enjoy.

The Obel
The Obel – Belfast’s Tallest Building


Instantly recognisable, the Harland and Wolff cranes, Samson and Goliath. This is Goliath up close, the smaller and eldest of the 2.

Harland and Wolff – Goliath


It was quite eerie standing on the slipways, particularly at such a quiet, early hour. Only with the help of the Titanic Belfast Museum could I even come close to imagining the enormity of the actual vessel taking shape and coming to life right where I stood. Now a reminder of the many lives lost in such a tragic way.

Titanic Slipways
The Titanic Slipways

An absolute modern day Icon and recently crowned the best tourist attraction in the world, Titanic Belfast is a stunning piece of architecture.

Titanic Belfast

A short slideshow of a few more pictures

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