We Slim Together | Third Month Lucky

So I looked to the third month on We Slim Together with a positive and what turned out to be slightly optimistic slant In a month or so that saw the WST Gala Ball, Easter, A long and very sunny May Day bank holiday AND my Birthday! And apparently March was tough!

Week 11 | The Gala Ball

The biggest night on the WST calendar and celebrating its 4th Birthday, the Gala Ball was on the 8th April in the Galgorm Resort and Spa (flash or what!? Love that place). This was the one weekend when members could eat and drink ‘guilt free’ and come together with their glad rags on to celebrate their successes over the past year. Various awards were given for each of the regions where the groups are located, online slimmers, a dedicated members award for group attendance and a special inspiration award.

Of course whatever good stuff was done during the week (which was actually a fair amount, I’d a suit to fit into) was outdone by the overindulgence of the night and the weekend as it turned out.

A slightly shocking 3.4lb gain. However, it was expected and very much accepted as I was in the same celebratory boat as everyone else. One much less likely to sink as it’s 3901 stones lighter than it was this time last year and weighs almost 9000 stones less than 4 years ago when it started its journey.


Week 12 | Mr Will Power has left the building

So a few pounds to work off this week….but oh look!! Here comes Easter! Seriously?! Chocolate everywhere and not a shred of willpower in sight. Honestly though they take things like eggs, oranges and chickens and make yummy chocolatey versions of them, what’s a guy to do?!

Of course I know what the answer is, CHOOSE!! Alas my choices were not wise ones and another gain loomed. 2.8lbs in the end to be exact. Really need to get my arse in gear here. I do not want to be the person I was at the start of 2017 again, he disgusted me.

One thing that gave me comfort and a welcome sense of determination was one of the WST consultants commenting about her half stone gain over the past 2 weeks. Her attitude towards this was so good for me to hear. Comfortable and confident that it was coming off again, that she was in control. It’s important not to beat yourself up when this happens, as it most definitely will happen at some stage or other. Time off work with Family almost certainly involves an up in the food intake. Coupled with a nibble or two on an Easter egg and there you have it.

Week 13 | Half a %$£&*”)!(*” Pound!

Right so I saw the above as a title at the start of a rant on an online weight loss forum (not WST). It does describe exactly though, how I felt about week 13. The post-’fortnight of feasting’ was still a struggle but far better choices taken and a vast improvement made from Easter.

A turnaround of sorts and a loss is a loss even if it’s the smallest loss you could have. Point was I was back going in the right direction and relieved to be doing so, after the rant of course.

Half a Pound

We Slim Gathering

So you can do this plan online or there are 14 groups across Northern Ireland you can attend too. The most recent of which is it’s first in Belfast which has hit the ground running and is already having to run twice a week due to the high demand.

WST Group Locations
WST Group Locations

Groups are located in Antrim, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Bangor, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Dundonald, Glengormley, Larne, Lisburn, Magherafelt, Newtownards, Portadown and Randalstown.

For a full run down including location and times go to the We Slim Together website at https://www.weslimtogether.co.uk/groups/ .

Week 14 | Finally Some Focus

Right this week was a big one for me. The week it all hit home and one day rolled into another into another. Half the week went by and I realised I had been doing it. Drinking the water, eating the good food, something had finally clicked and I felt more in control of my eating than before.

It was a week without any big dramas or tragedies to spark any emotional eating binges. Sadly it doesn’t make for to exciting a read but I make no apologies as what it did mean was a loss of 2.5lbs and it didn’t even feel like I was trying.

I even did some exercise, again! A wee at home workout which I videoed a demo of below. The blood-red faced Adidas mannequin in the middle, that’s me. I was actually in agony for oh about three days after this, but hey no pain no gain some eejit said once, then everyone copied him.


Week 15 | Not a Diet but a Lifestyle

That’s what this is. This is the end of month three and I’ve certainly never stuck to any “diet” this long. Reading back through my previous posts on We Slim Together has shown me that 1) it ain’t easy 2) it ain’t easy and 3) it ain’t bloody EASY! Life’s peaks and troughs throw a lot at you and when you come unstuck and have a wee fridge raid or two, you need to have something to go back to, something that won’t make you jump from the fridge straight over to the biscuit tin (I’ve been there).

This weeks peak (or it could easily be a trough) was my turning yet another year older. Hard to believe I’m pushing on to the big “3-0” in minus 6 years time 🙂 So the usual take away and a wee drink was good enough for me, then it was back on plan and some nice little lunch prep going on along with a few very filling and healthy dinners, sorted. Another good week and another 2.4lbs off.

A very cliche month of 2 halves is what this has been and I feel bloody lucky to have more or less broke even for the month. But this is a plan for a lifetime, not a quick fix.

I’ll end this post with one of my favourites of the many motivational posters that get shared around the WST online community. Says it all for me really.

Love This!

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