Loving the Layout

A great little collage maker for Instagram

Right so I’m still quite the newbie when it comes to Instagram but I discovered this great little tool a while back and I’m perfectly comfortable admitting that I do get carried away using it from time to time.


However, the reason for this, as well as having an endless amount of food and drink related pictures to share, is that Layout is an incredibly quick, easy and hassle free way to do this.

Straightforward Sharing

A very user-friendly interface and plenty of display options for your pics. Apart from this there’s not much to do on the editing side apart from flipping the pic horizontally or vertically and adding a border to your collage. But this is what I love about it as I like my images to do the talking with as little editing as possible.

You can be done super quick and share direct from the app to Instagram or Facebook, the collages look great on both. You can also share to any other platforms you may be on, email etc etc or you can just save for later.

Here’s a couple of Layout collages I’ve used for blog and social media posts for Quartisan, the Parson’s Nose and.Yardsman Lager.

Layout for Instagram Quartisan Collage
Quartisan Collage
Layout for Instagram Parson's Nose Collage
Parson’s Nose Collage
Layout for Instagram Yardsman Collage
Yardsman Lager Collage

You can head over to my Instagram feed for a look at plenty more examples, like I said I do get carried away.

From a business perspective it’s ideal for showing off your products, new premises or different stages of a project while on the go. You don’t even have to be on Instagram to use it, though if your business lends itself to visual marketing such as fashion or food, you ought to be.

Download Layout for free from Google Play or the Apple iPhone App Store. Set aside some time for going collage crazy!

Head to Bowtie Social Media & Content Marketing to see what I could do for your business or LIKE my Facebook Page.


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