We Slim Together | ‘The Difficult’ Second Month

So the clue’s in the title here. A second month of ups and downs on the We Slim Together plan. Nobody said it was going to be easy! And for certainly the month of March, it wasn’t!

Starting weight 13st 7.3lbs

Week 6 | Uh oh…

So the week started off well with my beautiful and charming eldest Son telling me he “loved my chubby arms, they’re so squishy”!! I know what you’re thinking: ‘aww how cute!’, not exactly what I was thinking :).

After getting over that little gem of a compliment, my week went from bad to worse. A very tough one which included my Wife’s Birthday and inevitably involved, eating out. This is something which I of course love to do but have never had to make such sensible and healthy choices when doing so. I struggled, big time and it’s fair to say I failed miserably at it.

A treat day out with a big feed and a few drinks turned into a whole weekend of this, which bled into the next Monday. I started my old habit of using the word “wee” when describing what I’ve eaten. A “wee” bag of crisps or a “wee” bun (my Wife finds this hilarious). “Sure it’s only a wee Domino’s Pizza!!” – Thankfully it didn’t get that far, but the result was my first gain of just over half a pound. Must do better.

Gained 0.6lb

We slim together prep
Some Lunchtime Prep

Week 7 | It’s Good but it’s not Right

So after the slight melodrama of week 6 there was a bit of wising up and knuckling down to do. Still feeling the struggle I made a huge effort towards the end of the week 7 and by the end managed to hit an overall loss of 1 stone.

Very pleased, but something still didn’t fit right in my head. I had got to nearly a stone off by the end of my first month on the plan and once I got there it seemed to have taken forever and been a hell of a fight to get over the line.

Thinking back now I should’ve paid much more attention to this and took action. The resources and support are there. The facebook group, the website, the private message board if you’re not up for posting for all to see. I regret now not taking full advantage of these before the ‘blip’ (understatement of the century) that was, week 8.

Lost 2.9lbs

Video | WST Carrot Cake

A worthy substitute for the real thing when on plan. You have this as part of a main meal e.g breakfast, served with plenty of fruit and yogurt, its very filling and very  tasty

Week 8 | Er… can we start again?!

So a stone lighter and I decided to celebrate my recent weight loss achievements by basically eating any and all manner of rubbish I could get my hands on. Seriously, if it stayed still for long enough, it got eaten! The words ‘monumental collapse’ were in my head and I felt like absolute crap by the Sunday night.

One week later than I should have, I started to use the support. I really can’t stress this enough, it’s excellent. The consultants and admin team are full of knowledge and will always be able to suggest something or give you the best advice. The feed on the facebook group is full of motivation, stories and even more help. I also realised that I was going to have to put a lot more thought and preparation into this if I ever wanted to get anything more out of it.

Gained 1.9lbs

Water Water

“You gotta drink, way more water than you think”

Doc McStuffins

So if you’re going to quote somebody it may as well be a fictional character. Those of you with young Children may be familiar with Doc. If you’ve never had the pleasure, you’re very VERY lucky. Stuffed animals coming to life and singing in close harmony, enough said I think.

But on this occasion they’re dead right. I touched on this in my previous post but it really is astonishing how much of difference your fluid intake makes. Not only when it comes to being on a healthy eating plan or weight management in general but also how vital drinking enough fluids is for our bodies to function normally.

We slim together water
3 Litres a Day of this stuff

Here’s some facts about H2O:

  • A healthy human body is more than two thirds water.
  • It lubricates your joints and eyes
  • Aids digestion and flushes away waste & toxins
  • Keeps the skin healthy

The effects of dehydration (losing more fluids than you take in) can be anything from having a dry mouth to affecting kidney function depending on the severity. Plenty of good reasons there to get stuck into the wet stuff.

(source for information on water and dehydration: nhschoices.com)

Week 9 | Bring Sally Up

Right, strange sub heading there but bear with…

It was time to up the pace and get my squishy arms, along with everything else, moving.

This little routine was first introduced to me at a yesteryear circuits class I went to and is based on the song “Bring Sally Up” by Moby. You may get sort of sick of listening to it but thankfully it’s a great tune and there’s plenty of different exercises you can do this way. The video below explains it better than I could with words (From ‘Pride Conditioning’).

A few rounds of this and some angelic eating got me a loss of over 4 pounds! 🙂 hard work on both fronts but it paid off.

Lost 4.3lbs

Nifty for Two Fifty

So you get your calories to use on plan and everyone uses them in different ways. One little gem of a discovery I’ve made is a new hot sauce from a local company, Hollah Preserving.

Their Cayenne Sauce is 32cals per 100mls and trust me you’re only going to need 10mls max to add a good dose of heat to your dish. Rather oddly, I’ve been using it with my eggs for breakfast or brunch.

Here’s to Success

So on the We Slim Together Facebook group I asked for some stories to share with you. Stories about how members felt about the plan and of course, how good it has been for them. A huge thank you to everyone who replied. Sadly with too many to include them all I’ve picked 3. A real testament to the plan and those who have used it successfully.

I began my journey with WST, Ballymoney group, on the 8th of September, 2016. I switched to online, as I’m going to be moving to England soon, to begin a brand new life – I’m going to become a teacher. So far I’ve lost 47.8lbs.

WST programme has been amazing: never hungry, treat day (come on, who doesn’t count down days like Christmas, to treat day!), but what really makes me smile, is the genuine support from our consultants and other slimmers, who, let’s face it, know what we’re all going through. This is my sanctuary … the support, whether I’ve done good or bad. There is no guilt here.

How do I feel … I don’t know where to start? I was abused as a child for years, and food became my crutch, my comfort, my friend and my prisoner. I felt caged – trapped in a body that reflected my self loathing.

But I realised that I am worth so much more. So I joined WST to battle ALL my demons: fat and feelings of self loathing. WST has shown me that food is no longer in charge of me … I am in charge of me! WST has shown me how to accept myself, no matter what. They’ve supported my journey and that belief in me has improved my own self worth and confidence to strike out. The weight loss has been an added bonus. In short, I now feel free and believe in myself to accomplish … well, anything.

I cannot thank WST enough. I am free”

“What I love most about wst is that you’re not judged. I could put up a post saying I ate a family sized bar of choc and people can relate to that, they understand. They would just say draw a line under it tomorrow is a new day! And you know what, when you are having a shitty day for whatever reason it’s nice to know you have people behind you, supporting you. You may not know them personally, but we are all there for each other!

And if you’re ever stuck for a recipe, there are loads of people there to help with ideas.”

“Joined in Jan 2014 with my husband. I’ve lost 110 lbs and got to my target in December 2015. Just in time for my 40th birthday! I’ve never felt better in all my 40 years. I started exercise classes last January and I’ve never looked back. WST has completely changed my life and my relationship with food. The support at group and the online motivation has been key for me, along with the help and encouragement of my hubby and son. We are now a much healthier family. I had previously suffered from crippling IBS and since eating healthy with WST my symptoms have gone. My only regret is not joining WST sooner. It’s the best plan ever 👍”

Video | Burrito Bake

One of our favourites for a proper weekend feast. This made with a cup of rice to 2 cups of stock (your choice) marinated chicken breast pieces, peppers, red onions and finished with spring onions, chillies, salsa and fat free fromage frais.

Week 10 | So Long to a Tough Month

So the end of March and on into April brought another difficult week. A pretty hectic Family life along with starting a new venture of my own work-wise meant a few very late nights of trying to focus on getting things done. A tired state for me, leads to hunger. I’m hugely guilty of emotional eating. I eat when I’m tired, I eat when I’m bored, i eat when I’m sad, i eat when I’m happy. You can see a pattern developing here, I EAT!

I’m also what can only be described as ‘A Snacker’. The old Pringles cliche is totally applicable here. The two of these combined: Emotional Snacking. My God, just typing it makes me want to give myself a good slap.

The upshot of all this was a gain of 1.3lbs so an overall loss of just over 3lbs for what was slightly more than a month. Overall on the plan I’ve lost 16lbs. Something I;m still very happy with despite the recent slow burner.

A Word on Motivation

We all have our different sources of motivation. Whether it’s to be able to run about after the kids for longer than 2 minutes without getting light headed, an item of clothing we want to fit into or just to feel a bit better in our own skin.

It’s important to focus on this and use it when temptation shows itself in the form of a choccy bar, a pack of salt ‘n’ vinegar McCoy’s (oh man!) or a take away menu posted through the door. From now on I hope to practice what I preach.

Here’s a few words of motivation from the lovely folks of the online support group, something you will see plenty of when you join the plan.

Third Month Lucky

So onto month three and I’m actually taking a pretty fresh look at things. The first full week of April will hopefully get me off to a good start with the We Slim Together Gala Ball at the end of it and a 3 piece suit to fit into, complete with bowtie, of course 🙂

Not looking back on month 2 will be quite an easy thing to do I reckon. More goal setting, water drinking and healthy eating to be done. Say goodbye ‘squishy arms’!

I’m certain my Son will find something else to ‘compliment’ me on.


If you’re interested in starting the plan visit the We Slim Together Facebook Page by clicking the logo above or visit the Website.