Armagh Cider Company

Not to be outdone by the plethora of breweries, micro breweries and other craft beer & ale producers knocking about these days, Northern Ireland has a fair representation in the craft cider world too.

The multi award winning Armagh Cider Company are one of the best known for this. Owned by the Troughton Family and established in 2005, they have developed an impressive range of pure juices & ciders. Most recently we’ve seen the release of the Doyle’s range back in 2015 Flavoured craft ciders to pitch against the likes of Kopparberg and Rekorderlig.

Armagh Cider Company Logo

My personal favourite however, is Carson’s Crisp. A very apt name you will discover on tasting it. A dry cider with a lovely fresh zing to it. There’s also the smoother Maddens Mellow for something a little more sweet. The ciders are made using a combination of Bramley apples, eating apples and cider apples all grown on the Family farm right where the cider is made near Portadown Co. Armagh. From ‘Blossom to Bottle’ as they proudly put it.

Not exactly your typical cider drinking weather as yet here but if your into your cider and the notion takes you, consider a move away from the ‘big brands’ and give these a go. You’ll get them in the indie off sales, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Winemark stock them also, currently at 3 for £5, a very good deal.

Here’s a short YouTube video on Armagh Cider Company from Taste of Ulster (FoodNI).

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