Blogger on the Run

So thanks to around a month and a half on We Slim Together I no longer have to turn sideways when exiting a lift. Now, with a slightly narrower frame, it’s time to get moving!

I used to be quite into my running in what still seems like a former prehistoric life. And now that I hopefully won’t register on the Richter scale when I pound the pavement, I’m going to try and rediscover this, at least to some degree.

I actually managed a half marathon once. Once and once only mind. As with most things, baby steps are best, so 5k sounds just about right for now.

We All Run Together

Centra Run Together #4
Lucy Evangelista at the Centra Run Together Launch


Back in January Centra NI launched their 2017 ‘Live Well’ campaign (read my post on this here). Part of this was to bring on board former Olympian and Commonwealth competitor Johnny Davis to develop a “Run Together” programme. A series of six 5K runs taking place throughout the year and at various locations across Northern Ireland. 2 in Belfast and others in Antrim, Derry/Londonderry, Fermanagh and Tyrone. All take place between April and October and are free to enter though you can make a donation to the very worthy nominated charity, Action Cancer.

Entrants can run, jog, walk, bunny hop, army crawl, whatever you want! You also get a T-Shirt and even a wee medal!

The full schedule is a follows:

  • Queens Dub, Belfast – Sunday 23rd April, 10am

  • Quayside, Derry – Wednesday 14th June, 7pm

  • Parkanaur Forest, Co. Tyrone Saturday 18th June, 10am

  • Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen Sunday 20th August, 10am

  • Antrim Forum, Sunday 10th September, 10am

  • Ormeau Park, Belfast – Sunday 22nd October, 10am

If you’re a bit of a ‘social runner’ and this sounds like your bag, or if like me, you’re looking to re-discover exercise again, head to the Centra NI Website or the Centra NI Facebook page for more info and get involved!

See you at the starting line!

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