Something Freshii for Belfast

So Belfast has its very first Freshii! Plunked very handily right beside City Hall in what used to be the old Sony Centre.

Eat, Energize

This health food franchise which started in Canada back in 2005 has 100s of stores worldwide including 6 in Dublin. The irish franchise has now moved into Northern Ireland and there are already plans for quick expansion in the coming months in both the North and the South.

“Freshii aims to provide healthy food which is convenient and quick”

Conall, Manager of the Belfast Freshii

As well as this they are extremely environmentally conscious making big efforts to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible by doing everything from using biodegradable packaging to operating a basic setup in store with no high-energy consuming machinery.

Full of Healthy Choices

On the menu there are burritos, bowls, soups, wraps and salads. You can pick a pre-named one or build your own as you like. Then you add your choice of protein from beef, chicken, tuna, falafel or tofu. I had the ‘Fiesta Salad’, greens, black beans, avocado, aged cheddar, corn, salsa fresca & lime & coriander vinaigrette topped with shredded chicken.

They also encourage customers to embrace kale and quinoa as part of their mantra and offer either of these as a base to your order for an extra £1. You can even add whey protein for the same price.

Drinks -wise you can have juices, smoothies or there’s also frozen yogurt. And they do excellent coffee, Bell Lane Coffee from Mullingar. You can stop by for brekkie too, and a morning version of the burrito or bowls.

Fresh & Friendly

A definite must try and quite possibly a regular spot in the making for anyone looking for something tasty, fresh and healthy. Gluten free and vegan folk are well looked after here too.

Big on fresh and loads of variety in Freshii. Friendly staff and an environmentally conscious approach too. Call into this one when your about the town or look out for more opening elsewhere soon.

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