Live from the Farm

So last night I took part in my very first Facebook LIVE! The team at Farmageddon Brewing Co-op invited me to be part of what was their 2nd live broadcast. I’m a huge fan of their beer and have featured them previously in a couple of my posts, so it was fantastic to get to go to the brewery and see where it all happens.

Only formed back in 2013, Farmageddon have produced some fantastic one offs, collaborations and have established a great core range which they are now adding to. Their IPA, the award winning Gold Pale Ale, the California Common and the superb Indian Export Porter will be joined by two new names due to their popularity and sheer demand from the craft beer boffins.

The Mosaic, which, despite packing a fair punch at 6.3% ABV, has a bright & zippy flavour. Joining this will be the bold as brass Double IPA. An 8.1% monster crammed with citrusy hops, this is a glorious smack in the face for the nose and the taste buds.

Photo credit: Mosaic, Farmageddon on Twitter/Double IPA, Belfast Vibe

It’s hoped these latest additions to the range will help make inroads to the rest of the UK, a busy little space when it comes to craft beer nowadays and in particular IPAs. But Farmageddon’s brand is strong, their ideas are very innovative and their IPA is the best of any that I have tried.

Best of luck to the Farmageddon Team and a big thank you for letting me visit.

Are you a fan of Farmageddon? Head over to RateBeer and give them a wee review yourself. I’ve done it and it takes just a few minutes



Below are the 2 videos of last night’s Facebook Live Broadcast. There are 2 because the brewery is in the absolute back of beyond and we lost signal for a short time! Enjoy and Share with your fellow craft beer lovers!

(a gentle warning about some of the language in the videos!)

Video 1

Video 2


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