YAHI’s New Breakfast Menu

So the folks at YAHI invited me along to try their new breakfast menu which launched last week. No need to ask me twice! This is one of my favourite cafes in Belfast. YAHI’s coffee is great and their food is fresh and different. They’ve recently upped their game with starting to stock a new product in Wild Power Wheatgrass drinks and now they’ve come up with a very impressive new breakfast menu with something for everyone and packed with local ingredients. Read on and prepare to drool!

Locally Foraged

The new menu features some, now well known favourites like ‘the Hunter’ and the Great Taste Award winning granola pot.  Local producers Cavanagh Eggs have been brought on board and feature heavily on the menu, order them done your way with loads of extras, or there’s ‘Texas Eggs’ baked in a spicy tomato & pepper sauce. Other names from around Ireland you’ll find here are Sloan’s dry cured bacon, Donnybrewer salted butter, Ballymaloe relish, Yellow Door Bread and the one I just had to try, from down in West Cork, Clonakilty black pudding.

So I had the ‘Poach & Pudding’. Clonakilty pud, Cavanagh poached eggs, rocket and mustard sauce in a soft buttermilk honey roll! **salivating as I write here**. I also tried one of the granola pots and immediately understood why it had won a GTA, it was delicious. Sweet Clandeboye yogurt and tart berry compote.

Something for Everyone

There’s also been a lot of thought put into catering for different diets and lifestyles. Vegan oats is a new addition and I’ve already seen some very positive feedback on social media on these. Scrambled tofu is another, with avocado & tomato on sourdough toast. And Tabbouleh Salad, which, if you haven’t heard of it (and admittedly I hadn’t a clue what it was), is a greens and grains salad.

YAHI Breakfast Menu
Big Breakfast

If you’re after a big brekkie, you can have ‘The Huntsman’, YAHI’s own ‘fry up’, ‘The Hunter’, bacon, egg, cheese and Ballymaloe on sourdough toast. Or try the ‘Poach & Pudding’ which is a fine feed also.

Very impressed with this new menu. Hunted and gathered with gusto and aplomb as only YAHI can do.

Big thanks to Amanda, Brian and the team in YAHI for the breakfast invite. Will be trying some ‘Texas Eggs’ next time I reckon!


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