Overnight Oats

Here’s the first of what will hopefully be a good few healthier dishes for you to try. There will be a link to this on The Skinny Bowtie, my new page which you should check out also.

So this handy and rather tasty little discovery I’ve made are overnight oats. In my day job I would always have succumbed to the dreaded tea break tummy rumble, and come 10 o’clockish I basically would have eaten an altogether mammoth sized scone or some fried food combination (along with a poached egg thinking I was being good!).

These oats makes a great breakfast, filling you up so the mid morning munchies stay away.

It’s simply 40g of porridge oats, a pot (175g) of any light or fat free yogurt you want (there are loads of very nice ones out there) and fruit of your choice. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries work great. Mix together in a wee container (maybe one you’ve kept to reuse from a past Chinese takeaway?!) lid on, and leave in the fridge overnight. Take out the next morning, top with even more fruit if you like, and enjoy.

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