Glasshouse Coffee

Now i always get a little nervous when I write about a place in Lisburn. I’ve read more than few snippets of criticism of the City since starting this blog. Lisburn Square has been the target for some of this criticism, and it has to be said, the Square can lack a little atmosphere at times, and it has seen its share of businesses close since its launch in 2001.

“The best choice of GF cakes and bakes I’ve seen anywhere…”

But in 2015 it was bought by the Marcol group, underwent refurbishment and it’s rates were lowered in an attempt to attract new business to the area, which itself is a great space and is home to 2 well known  and successful restaurants, The Square Bistro which has had a major refurb of its own and is headed up by chef Stevie Higginson, and Alfredo’s on the Square, a superb Italian, newly opened since the Square changed hands and owned by local restauranteur Richard Graham.

Glasshouse Coffee Outside
Glasshouse Lisburn Square

The 2 units in the middle of the Square had lay empty for quite some time, until just over 2 months ago that is, when Glasshouse Coffee opened its doors. David Edwards, who previously owned The Granary Cafe on the Ormeau Road (now District Coffee) at the helm.

So in we bounded on a Saturday afternoon. A graceless convoy of tumultuous toddlers with us Rents desperate for a sit down and pick me up after traipsing the little darlings round town for a couple of hours. Naturally the decibel level was maintained throughout our visit, as well as the inherent fear that all hell may break loose at any moment. Ah well, as Ol’ Blue Eyes sang, “That’s Life”. Bring on the caffeine!..

Glass House Coffee and Flapjack
Cappuccino & Banoffee Flapjack

…along with a very eye catching banoffee flapjack, which tasted even better than it looked. What’s more, I hadn’t realised until post consumption that it was gluten free. This is where the Glass House stands out from many a coffee house I’ve been to. Lemon & blueberry drizzle flapjacks, M&Ms peanut chocolate brownies, coffee & walnut cake and raspberry ruffle muffin to name but some of what was on offer. And  not a shred of gluten in any of them. The best choice of GF cakes and bakes I’ve seen anywhere, all from the aptly named Tasty Wee Numbers in Ballynahinch.

Tasty Wee Numbers Banoffee Flapjack

They also have some traybakes from French Village (not GF),  cookies and a selection of scones. For those looking to fill more than a wee hole there’s a full breakfast and lunch menu, where you will find the traditional fry and Irish stew alongside the more Mediterranean chorizo & eggs and Greek flatbread. To top it off you have Bailies coffee and a lengthy list of specialty (and regular) tea.

Everything is fairly priced and David and his team are professional and polite.

Lisburn has itself a fine new coffee house. Great for gluten free and a definite go to for a great cup of Joe.

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