Sweet Afton

Sweet Afton was the venue for a ‘real life job’ team lunch a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t been since it changed names (again) so was looking forward to trying out somewhere new.

“Service was top notch and so was the food”

Once upon a lifetime ago, Irene and Nan’s occupied this space. It was a great wee bar for a drink on a Friday after work, DJ on later on in the evening and all that. A pint and a natter to see in the weekend.

Alas it met it’s end and was replaced by Shiro, an upmarket fancy cocktail bar type of place.We went here for a work Christmas dinner a couple of years ago and by Christmas dinner standards it was actually pretty good though slightly lacking in portion size. Apart  from this however, it wasn’t a place I would’ve otherwise spent time in..

Well now here we have Sweet Afton, an altogether different being, albeit with quite an unusual name. A great little setting with an open fire complete with log piles either side, making for a very nice Christmas scene. The insude is smart but homely. A good open space in the front with nice comfy seats. There’s also more private mock ‘living room’ style areas tucked round the back of the bar complete with rugs and book cases, perfect for small groups.

The food was absolutely spot on. They do an express lunch menu for £6.95, quite a bargain for Belfast City Centre. I had the Cajun Chicken Burger ( ‘Sandwich’ as it said on the menu). It was very tasty, as were the crispy sweet potato fries it came with. They also have a very good selection of beers on tap, including the Guinness Open Gate Project’s current craft ale.

Would highly advise a wee lunch here. The express menu is a great price, service was top notch and so was the food.

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