A Taste of Taylor & Clay at Bullitt Hotel


So I wrote a post recently about Bullitt Hotel after calling in for a quick coffee. I really did fall for the place immediately. The atmosphere, the vibe, the attitude and the passion. I loved it, all of it. So I was over the moon to be asked back so soon after. This time it was to try out a few offerings from the menu in Bullitt’s restaurant, Taylor and Clay. Named so after the residence of Steve McQueen in Bullitt the movie.

The Great Grill

Taylor and Clay’s prize piece (apart from the food, which we’ll get to in a second), is the signature Asador Grill, a wood and charcoal fueled furnace on which they cook their meat and seafood, adding a great smokey layer of flavour to what is a very deliberate choice of meats including Noble House Wagyu beef, and lamb from the north Mayo mountains.

Cooking such quality meat on the grill whilst managing the open flames and temperature  of the Asador itself is something the chefs here have mastered, this became clear as we sat at the high bar facing the grill, feeling it’s heat while watching the team ‘clockwork cooking’ and producing dishes that look and taste stunning.


On the Menu

Head chef Saul gave us the story behind each dish as we tried it. As well as the Wagyu beef and the lamb, we had a selection of small plates designed for sharing (which you may be reluctant to do once you try them). These change throughout the year as does the menu in general, meaning that food waste is kept to a minimum.

We finished off with a taste of the coffee, already a winner with me. A Brazilian bean flat white and an Ethiopian Americano along with a sweet toffee cake dessert.




Icon in the Making

With the design, atmosphere and uniqueness of the menu, I think that Taylor & Clay is somewhat an Icon in the making. Vastly distinctive from the norm. Something Bullitt is so good at. Every bit bubbling over with funk and individuality.

Bullitt Hotel Sreve McQueen Canvas
Steve McQueen Canvas


What a fantastic collection of food in a more than fitting restaurant in which to serve it. Another dining experience here soon is definitely on the cards.

Thank you to Saul and his team in Taylor and Clay, and to MCE PR for the invitation.

Bullitt Taylor and Clay Saul and team of chefs
Saul and the Team at Taylor and Clay


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