Kaffe O

Kaffe O | Botanic | Belfast

Belfast is home to two Kaffe O’s. The original located in the ever expanding food hub that is the Ormeau Road and its little Brother, which opened at the start of the year, right in the middle of the plethora of eateries along Botanic Avenue. Every time I’ve passed by the former, I’m met with a cafe packed to the doors. Popular indeed, and after a brief period of disappointment I would settle for somewhere else.
This time though I was out with my boys and my darling coeliac sibling along Botanic and spied what is the bigger of the 2 Kaffe O’s still quite busy but with room for me, Sis and a couple of very boisterous young men who are always game for a treat. My keenness to try Kaffe O stems from when I attended the launch of Belfast Fashion Week a few months ago now. They had a pop-up stand at the event and after chatting to owner Orla and trying some superb iced vanilla latte and tray bakes, I was sold.
This time, with it being a slightly cooler climate than August, I went for a hot latte. Sis got a tea, served in a very cool cup/strainer combo. We each had a gluten free chocolate brownie and the boys shared a caramel square. The coffee here, and indeed the ceramics they are served in are of Danish origin. Roasted there and imported at speed and served expertly in a funky little handle-less mug, not to everyone’s taste I suppose but I liked it.

The brownies here have to be one of the nicest I’ve tasted, light and deliciously rich. My Sis said that gluten free brownies are a more common thing and one of the more widely available GF products, but Kaffe O’s really are excellent. If a brownie isn’t your thing you will find a good choice of alternatives, many of which are GF.

The cafe itself is bright and clean. A display of the Danish design ceramics which are also for sale and the music playing off an LP record player are 2 nice touches. Fleetwood Mac was today’s choice, and an excellent one as far as I’m concerned.

Great stuff from Kaffe O, and a star spot for me!

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