Rowallane Garden Pumpkinfest

‘Halloween is coming and the Food Blogger is getting fat!!..’ Anyway, here’s something a wee bit different on the blog. With Halloween fast approaching we decided to get into the spirit of things early (no pun intended).

We had a fantastic day out at Rowallane Garden’s Pumpkinfest yesterday.. There’s plenty of places doing their own thing for Halloween, but we came here last year and despite getting about 3 months worth of rainfall in one day, the kids had a ball. So we were back again and thankfully in a much more agreeable climate.

First it was to the pumpkins. Picked, hollowed out and carved in quick time in a busy room full of big people helping little ones. My eldest was set on a happy smiling pumpkin which he drew himself (still looks pretty creepy if you ask me though). My little one’s was more traditional with help from Mummy. As well as the mass pumpkin carving, Rowallane’s Pumpkinfest had a spooky Halloween trail where you followed the clues to find all sorts of scary scenes.A letter at each of the 7 stops spelled out the mystery word and at the end with the riddle solved you collected your prize. Great stuff.

The gardens were brilliantly decorated with all sorts of warning signs, body parts hanging from trees and hidden speakers playing out howls and screams. Some of the scenes were quite graphic but a little distance and a quick usher on to the next done the trick.

Rowallane itself is part of the National Trust who ran the event. It’s an ideal setting for this sort of thing and it was all very well organised. The gardens are stunning, particularly in Autumn. It’s a decent walk round the trail so comfy shoes and a robust buggy for little ones with tired legs were a must

There were 15 of us in our group, 8 adults and 7 kiddies and every one of us enjoyed the day thoroughly. When we got home it wasn’t too long before my own two little pumpkins were in bed fast asleep.

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