It’s the Gin Talking

Tanqueray Gin Night at Safa Indian

So it was a pleasure to be back at Safa Indian for an event hosted by Love Belfast and one of the Irish Curry Awards’ sponsors, Tanqueray Gin.

Michelle from Diageo Ireland took us through the story of Gin from all the way back in the 1700s and it’s introduction to the UK by the Dutch, through to the birth of the world famous London Dry Gin, the opening of the first Tanqueray distillery in Bloomsbury in the 1830s and the original long standing mix of botanicals that is juniper, liquorice, coriander and angelica. 

“…raspberry, chilli and a little basil, a strange yet very nice kick of heat coming through from a cold drink”

Smell.. then Sip

There are 200 senses in the nose (though given the size of mine I reckon there’s a few more up there) wheras the mouth has only a meagre 5 in comparison. So we dived in with our noses before tasting the gin. It was fascinating hearing who smelled what. The profile of gin has many different levels so not surprisingly our answers were varied.

We had a try of the original Tanqueray and the premium Tanqueray Ten. Distilled 5 times with whole fruits, it comes in a 10 sided bottle and is considered the perfecr martini gin. The difference between the two is remarkable, each with their own distinct profile and characteristics.

By way of inspiration Michelle then made us up a few gin mixes with different garnishes including chilli and lime (loved this one), lemon and thyme and the Tanqueray ‘Perfect Serve’.

The Perfect Serve

  • Fill the glass with ice to slow the melting and therefore dilution of the gin
  • A wedge of pink grapefruit
  • 35ml of Tanqueray Gin
  • 200ml Tonic Water

We then were faced with a challenge: a table full of garnishes, mixers and of course the gins. We were invited to make up our own mix. I went for a Tanqueray Ten & Tonic with raspberry, chilli and a little basil, a strange yet very nice kick of heat coming through from a cold drink. I then went all citrus and had orange and lime, very refreshing.


We were then treated to some tasty nibbles courtesy of Safa and restaurant owner Ali Askir spoke to us about the forthcoming inaugural Irish Curry Awards taking place next week. It promises to be a fantastic night and a real celebration of Indian cuisine.

A big thank you to Love Belfast, Safa and of course Michelle for the gin education.


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