Coffee and WiFi…Easily

Coffee and WiFi. Two of life’s absolute necessities are they not?! Having done most if my growing up in the 90s (depending on who you ask, I may still be growing up) I guess this is a natural or perhaps a man-made evolution of ‘Coffee & TV’ that Blur famously sang about. These days, the former many of us would claim to be reliant upon. The latter almost certainly so.

In my ever advancing adulthood I’ve spent my fair share of minutes and hours in cafes with a nice strong cappuccino, writing, tweeting, posting, texting and generally spending (probably to much) time staring at a screen and typing on a keyboard, despite most of my work day consisting of exactly that.

Now of course nothing beats genuine human interaction. A good old natter over a good cuppa. But when it’s unavailable or maybe even sometimes undesired, we have this altogether different level of connecting with others. Friends, family, acquaintances or even complete strangers!

Anyway if coffee is your drink and WiFi is your way, here’s 5 spots in Belfast city centre that do both very well.

1. Franklin and James, Bedford House, Bedford Street

A regular haunt of mine more recently. If you’re serious about your coffee to the point where you like the idea of choosing your preferred bean, this is the place for you. Very talented (and friendly) baristas as you can see. My review of Franklin and James has more.

2. Ground Espresso Bar, Wellington Place

One of my absolute faves. Love the coffee. Love the ethos. Love the people. One of the best selections of sweet treats and tray bakes around and a great place for lunch too. Here’s my review of Ground.

3. Ocho Sandwich, Donegall Square East

This place rebranded itself as Ocho Sandwich a year ago, formerly known as Cafe Cuba. I popped in here just the other day for, yes, you guessed it. A very popular spot for meet ups, lunchtime workers and newspaper readers.

4. Avoca Food Hall, Arthur Street

Always a good crowd and a nice busy atmosphere at lunchtime. You’ll find it almost impossible to resist buying something to go with your cup of Joe. Try one of the savouty scones served warm with Avoca’s own relish. Absolutely gorge! Head to my review of Avoca for more.

5. Belfast Tea & Coffee Company, Royal Avenue

Down at the end of Royal Avenue sits this little cool, casual café. Love the retained interior and it’s hard to beat a Ristretto coffee and so expertly presented. WiFi particularly good here. A full and proper review needed I think. Look out for that one.

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