Cafe Vanilla

Cafe Vanilla

Cafe Vanilla, Wellington Place, Belfast City Centre

So as if this street needed another place to go and feed your face, up pops Cafe Vanilla. Owned by the same folks as its very popular namesake in Lisburn, it’s Belfast born little brother still wet behind the ears only opened its doors for the first time 4 days ago on Saturday.

Mrs B & I met for a quick lunchtime coffee and a rare chance to have a conversation that wouldn’t be interrupted by a cry of ‘Mummy!’, ‘Daddy!’ or something being hurtled across the floor by my toddler who’s in a real ‘seek and destroy’ phase at the minute.

Bright shiny and new, this Vanilla does the crepes, cakes and traybakes thing just like in Lisburn. 

But there’s a difference here.

More of a deli than a cafe, there’s table service, clipboard menus and a definite lean towards sit in lunches. A selection of paninis and a list of set fillings for either a wrap, pitta, sandwich or sub all of which sound great, though of course you can build your own too. There’s also some tasty looking salads on the go, among other things.

Just a coffee this time though, and a nice caramel slice shared equally, well in my opinion it was anyway (so you can tell which bit was mine!).

It will be interesting to see how Vanilla does against close by competition. Though after this quick visit I was impressed and we will definitely be meeting here again for a proper feed.

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