Recipe | Spicy 3 Cheese & Red Onion Wedges

Now I loooove cheese and sadly it shows these days. In fact if I didn’t eat cheese, I’m pretty confident that I’d look like Jamie Dornan!….. Ok maybe not. In any case its far too tasty to give up. So instead what I did was buy 3 different kinds and use them to make something! My next dish for the Mash Direct Great Mashed Veg Off.

I’m using Mash Direct’s Spicy Potato Wedges for this. Cook these in the oven as directed and fry off some red onion in a pan with a bit of spray oil and just a touch of garlic infused olive oil

Now for the cheese. Like a wee voucher at Christmas, here you have the gift of choice. I had some smoked cheese, mozzarella and cheddar with scotch bonnet chills for an extra good kick in the taste buds!

Add to your wedges with red onion and stick this back in the oven to melt as much or as little as you like. Garnish with some chopped rosemary (if you want to be a wee bit fancy).

And there you have it! Crackin spicy, cheesy potato wedges. They won’t make you look like Jamie Dornan but they are damn tasty  so give them a go!

Fo r more on Mash Direct’s Great Mashed Veg Off competition, head to their Facebook Page:

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