Recipe | Chilli Prawn Tacos

Here’s a simple recipe for superb Tacos. A real weekend dinner In the comfort of your own home. This uses the ingredients shown below, all readily available in all good supermarkets and probably even some dodgy ones. These Tacos are super quick so real handy for making if time is tight..

How to Make

  • Heat some spray oil in a pan and add the red onion very quickly followed by the sliced peppers. Cook until soft. The ready chopped veg is a real time saver.
  • Next add a handful of sliced jalapeños and the juice of 1/2 a lime.

  • At this point heat the oven for the taco shells.
  • Next stir in about half the taco mix before adding the prawns.
  • Add the remainder of the taco mix.
  • Finally add the rice, half a tin of black eyed beans and stir well until heated through and everything is coated in the spice mix. That’s your filling ready.

  • Heat the taco shells in the oven as directed on the box.
  • Serve up with loads of optional extras like grated mature cheddar, salsa & guacamole.
  • As we were quite starving we had ours with some sweet potato fries to which I added smoked paprika and cooked in the Actifry.

      This is a proper favourite in our house at the weekend so i hope you enjoy.