Fresher vs Food at The Other Place

The Other Place, 79 Botanic Avenue, Belfast

So myself and fellow blogger Conor Hogan aka The Belfast Food Blogger were invited along to The Other Place in Botanic, South Belfast for a challenge!

Manager Richard Walker bought this place back in April,  and, as well as keeping a warm welcoming decor, the byo drink arrangement and an entirely ‘cooked from fresh’ approach, he has introduced a heap of themed nights, offers and other ideas to attract the influx of Uni students that is set to hit Belfast in the coming weeks. After all. TOP is famous for being the ‘go to’ place for the undergrads of nearby Queens University with simply good, affordable food.

One of these ideas is the ‘Fresher vs Food’ Challenge featuring the Mega Fry. A huge helping of our most famous plate of food along with a piled high bowl of chips all for a nudge under 8 quid. The fry itself has 2 of everything, sausage, bacon, soda & potato bread,  hash browns, eggs and  a pot of beans. Mega! And utterly delish! Especially those chips, amazing.

Now, you can get all this lot for free! But, you have to down every bit of it in… 90 seconds!!! Yes you read it right, a minute and a half to eat this feast.

Needless to say we failed miserably in the challenge but if you’re just starting student life in Belfast and you reckon you’ve got what it takes, head to The Other Place during Freshers Week, 19 – 23 September and tuck in!

Thanks to Richard and the team at TOP for the invite and the feed.

You can check out what else The Other Place has to offer over on their Facebook Page:

Read The Belfast Food Blogger’s post on The Other Place here

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